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Terms of use

Approval of these Terms is a prerequisite for the use of the MyJemma Oy Ltd website. The web pages also include te MyJemma Webshop. The user should read the Terms before using the website. By accessing and using this website the user accepts these Terms and agrees to be bound by them. MyJemma Oy Ltd reserves the right to modify the website and the Terms, and restrict access to the website or discontinue its maintenance at any time.

Website content, rights, and liabilities

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Users of this website agree that the site is presented as such without obligation. MyJemma Oy Ltd does not give any warranty nor is it responsible for the operation of the site, the availability, accuracy, non-infringement, or content of rights. In any case, MyJemma Oy Ltd's liability is limited to liability expressed in mandatory legislation. 

MyJemma Oy Ltd is not responsible for third party web pages possibly linked from this website or the use thereof. When navigating to linked web pages, the user understands and accepts that MyJemma Oy Ltd is not responsible for their use, content or operation, or any harm, damages, or costs that may arise from the use of the linked web pages.

Use of cookies

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