Are you still thinking about what to give your boyfriend or girlfriend as a birthday or Valentine’s Day present? Are you looking for a perfect wedding gift for your future husband or wife? What about your friend’s upcoming 40th birthday celebration, your godchild’s christening, a Hen party or a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day surprise? We have a solution for all these festivities and beyond; surprise your family member or friend with a one-of-a-kind MyJemma jewellery!

There are many uses for MyJemma emotion jewellery: surprise your partner as often you want with new photos that convey a special message; create a compilation of your child's childhood memories inside the jewellery to pass on them when leave home; compose a story of the best moments you have experienced with your spouse and give the jewellery as an anniversary gift. Relatives and friends can buy togehter an emotion jewellery as a gift and store inside their video greetings for the loved one. You can also use the jewellery yourself to store your most precious memories. The only limit to the different uses of MyJemma emotion jewellery is your own imagination. Below are some of our ideas.

MyJemma jewellery is a great graduation present; congratulate on a great achievement by recording inside the pendant video greetings from the whole family.

MyJemma emotion jewellery for the wedding couple; surprise the newlyweds with same color MyJemma pendants that contain photos and videos from the wedding party.

Great idea for a bachelorette party, buy together to your friend a MyJemma jewellery and download inside the best photos and videos of your wild celebration.

On Mother's Day or Father's Day, give a gift that contains the best moments you have experienced with your parents. 
Look at your mother's delight as she sees the memories you have stored inside the digital locket.

Surprise your partner on your wedding anniversary with a MyJemma jewellery, inside of which you have built an image album commemorating the most precious moments you have experienced together.

Surprise your loved one on a Valentine's Day with a gorgeous MyJemma jewellery and it's emotional content. Update your story as often as you like.

On your friend's big birthday, the photos and videos inside a MyJemma pendant will tell how much you care about him.

For the most delicate celebration, MyJemma pendant. The godparents can support their godchild with maxims they have written inside the jewellery or they can collect and store inside the pendant memories from the early years of the child.