Through the ages people have given presents to each other with the intent to express feelings and love. One great gift has been a locket containing a lock of hair or a photo of a loved one. We wanted to offer a modern twenty-first century version, so we came up with the idea of MyJemma emotion jewellery. In spring 2016, we gathered a top team of experts and partners to help implement the new concept. Now MyJemma smart jewellery is available, and according to the feedback we have received, they are "the best gift ever".

Each eco-friendly piece of MyJemma emotion jewellery is a unique item designed and largely handcrafted in Finland using the best materials. The design teams at MyJemma and our partner Tarinakoru are responsible for the Scandinavian artistry of the jewellery. The shapes and colours are inspired by natural phenomena and objects in space as well as celestial spectacles that can be seen here in the north. The silver jewellery collection is manufactured at Nurmijärvi by our partner Tarinakoru Inc. The ceramic pendants are manufactured at Lapinlahti by our parther JP Studiokeramiikka Inc.

The digital functionality of MyJemma smart jewellery relies on trustworthy Finnish partners, with whom we have created an easy-to-use web interface for sharing joy and love. The jewellery and the user interface are specially designed for mobile devices; content adding and editing on the jewellery account as well as content viewing, is fun and effortless with Android, Windows, and iOS (Apple) smartphones.

The MyJemma Ltd. headquarters and production facilities are located in Finland, but we serve customers across the globe. Our business is based on design, manufacturing, and sales of microchips containing smart consumer gear, promotional goods, and spectator event products. Primary business clients of MyJemma Ltd. include jewellery, entertainment, sports, food, tourism, automotive and garment companies. We have built a business ecosystem that produces high-quality and tailor-made products and services for our commercial customers, and we respond quickly to the changing needs of our clients. More information about our B2B services can be found here.

If your company is interested in learning about our partner program, please get in touch with us here.


Our Team

Marko Kallio, founder and CEO


Tarja Nevanen, co-founder and board member


Lila Kallio, co-founder and board member


Our Partners

Tarinakoru Ltd

Marko is posing with Hannu and Tarja from Tarinakoru Ltd.


JP Studiokeramiikka Oy

Jari from JP Studiokeramiikka at work.